16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour
16-day XiangTian Panda Tour

16-day XiangTian Panda Tour

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Embark on a exciting journey to meet the returned pandas from Washington D.C. – say hello to Mei Xiang, Tian Tian, Tai Shan, Bao Bao, Bei Bei, and Xiao Qi Ji.

1.An opportunity to volunteer with panda care
2.Visit all five panda bases in Sichuan
3.Discover the charming panda elements throughout Chengdu.

***Starting from April 25, 2024, panda volunteers will not be allowed to enter the panda enclosure, and the arrangement of clean the panda enclosures & collect panda poop will be canceled.

Departure date: November 21, 2024
Group size: 6-14

Day1 Chengdu Airport Arrival
Chengdu airport transfers to the hotel. Welcome Dinner. Face-changing show
Your guide will meet and greet you at the arrival hall. An experienced driver will transfer you directly to your hotel. Your guide will help you to check in. Welcome dinner is served in a local restaurant, it's also ice-breaking for the group members to know each other. Face changing show is a must-see in Chengdu. After dinner, we will enjoy it while sipping a cup of Chinese tea.
Overnight Chengdu Courtyard Hotel

Day2 Chengdu City
Rest AM/2:00 pm meet up/ Bamboo Park/Taikooli Giant Panda Sculpture
After a long flight yesterday, you probably need to have a good rest in the morning. At 2 pm, your guide and driver are ready to meet you in the hotel lobby and drive you to Bamboo Park for a stroll.
Afterward, a leisurely city walks in the bustling block to take photos of the Taikooli Giant Panda Sculpture.
Overnight Chengdu Courtyard Hotel

Day3 Chengdu
Chengdu Panda Base
At 7:30 am your guide meet you at the hotel lobby and drive the Chengdu Panda Base.
Full-day explore this downtown panda base. More than 80 pandas live there including some cubs rarely seen at other panda bases. Have lunch at the Bamboo Restaurant in the park. 

*According to the regulations of the panda base, all private vehicles are not allowed to park at the entrance of the panda base. Visitors are requested to get off at the parking lot and walk about 10 minutes to the entrance gate.
Overnight Chengdu Courtyard Hotel 

Day4 Chengdu to Wolong (2hrs car drive)
Wolong Panda Base
In the morning head to Wolong Panda Base, 1300 meters above sea level, with beautiful scenery, and snow in winter. Here in spring and summer, you can see many panda mothers with their babies.
Overnight Muyue Qinglan Hotel

Day5 Wolong
Wolong Red Panda Volunteering
This new program is for red panda lovers. You can choose to be a red panda keeper for a day at Wolong Hetaoping Panda Base. Or you can just stroll in this beautiful base and visit the cute pandas. At about 3 p.m., the tour concludes. 
Overnight Muyue Qinglan Hotel

Day6 Wolong
Wolong Panda Volunteering
Immerse yourself in the world of pandas, and observe pandas closely. Option to be a keeper for the cute pandas. At about 3 p.m., the tour concludes. 
Overnight Muyue Qinglan Hotel

Day7 Wolong - Mt. Siguniang (2hrs car drive)
Visit Mt. Siguniang
Chengdu is also known for its richness of stunning landscapes. Today you will visit Mt. Siguniang. Along the way, picturesque landscapes and Tibetan villages are waiting for your enjoyment. Shuangqiao Valley is the most popular one of the three valleys of Mt. Siguniang, where you can take a sightseeing bus tour around easily.
Overnight Mt.Siguniang Sgura Manor Hotel

Day8 Mt.Siguniang to Dujiangyan (3hrs car drive)
Visit Wolong Panda Base
Today you will be driven to Dujiangyan. On the way, you will pass by the Wolong Panda Base and you get a chance to pay a visit to it again. 
Overnight Howard Johnson Conference Resort

Day9 Dujiangyan
Dujiangyan Panda Base Volunteering
Dujiangyan panda base is a very popular one. There you can also see red pandas and black bears. Visit this panda base leisurely or change into a volunteer outfit and be a keeper for a day. At about 3 p.m., the tour concludes. 
Overnight Howard Johnson Conference Resort

Day10 Dujiangyan
Dujiangyan Panda Valley/ Selfie Panda /Panda Alley/Ancient Town
In the morning, you will visit Dujiangyan Panda Valley. In the afternoon, visit the city including Selfie Panda, Panda Alley, and Ancient Town. Sampling the local cuisine is also part of exploring the city. We will arrange the specialty dishes for lunch and dinner. 
Overnight Howard Johnson Conference Resort

Day11 Dujiangyan to Bifengxia (2.5hrs car drive)
Visit Dujiangyan Panda Base
In the morning, you will visit the Dujiangyan Panda Base. You can see red pandas and moon bears too. In the afternoon, you will head to Ya’an - the hometown of giant pandas. Explore Ya 'an Shangli ancient town, which is preserved very well. After dinner, enjoy the night view of the Ya'an Corridor Bridge.  
Overnight Holiday Inn

Day12 Bifengxia
Bifengxia Panda Volunteering
This panda base covers an area of more than 6,000 mu, a beautiful environment, and a suitable climate, each giant panda has sufficient space for activities. Full-day exploration in this base. 
Overnight Holiday Inn

Day13 Bifengxia
Bifengxia Panda Base
There are not only panda kindergartens here but also many overseas returnee stars, such as Japanese returnee panda Xiang Xiang and American returnee panda Bei Bei. The Bifeng Gorges Scenic Resort also provides you with a canyon hike.
Overnight Holiday Inn

Day14 Bifengxia to Chengdu (2hrs drive)
Spend the morning stroll over the base. We will return to Chengdu in the afternoon.
Overnight Chengdu Courtyard Hotel
Day15 Chengdu
Teddy Bear Museum AM/ Panda Post Office / Wide and Narrow Alley PM
In the morning, visit the Teddy Bear Museum, a very cute place. Then go to the Panda Post Office, you probably want to buy some souvenirs. In the afternoon, get a feel of the folk life in Wide and Narrow Alley.
Overnight Chengdu Courtyard Hotel

Day16 Goodbye
Your guide and driver will send you off to the airport and say goodbye.

*The itinerary may be subject to change
* In case the listed hotels are unavailable, we may substitute with accommodations of a similar or higher grade to ensure your comfort

Price:USD 4500/pp;
Single supplement USD1000


- Air-conditioned vehicle according to the group size
- Hotel listed in the itinerary;
- Meals as specified in the itinerary;
- English-speaking tour guide;
- Entrance ticket fee listed in the itinerary;
- Bottled water and snacks;
- Insurance

- International flight to and out of China;
-Panda volunteering USD100/day;
- Visa fee;
- Single supplement USD1000
- Gratitude to the guide and driver. If you are satisfied with their service, you may tip them at an amount you find suitable.
- Personal expenses, like laundry, phone calls, soft drinks, optional tour activities, etc.

Q: Where do we sign up for the November 2024 tour?

A: Kindly make a payment of a $1000 deposit to secure your reservations. Please ensure the balance is settled 1 month before the tour. 

Q:I noticed the bases have a lot of steps. Are there any accommodations for people who can't do the walking or need mobility assistance?
A:Yes, we will arrange hotels with rooms located on the 1st floor for easier access. Please keep us informed when signing up for the tour.

Q:During the Chengdu tour, when is the best time to visit pandas?
A:October to March

Q:What type of volunteering would we do?
A:We would clean for pandas, carry their bamboo, make wowotou, and watch the pandas being hand-fed by keepers within 1-2 meters.

Q:Is there a Discord or a group for people going where we can join to get to know others?
A:Yes! We will create a WhatsApp group for people who sign up for the tour. We will have a zoom meeting to go through the preparation of the tour. Approx 1 month before the departure.

Q:Do these places take credit cards? Should we bring cash?
A:No, most of the shops don't accept credit cards. You can use ATMs to withdraw cash; most ATMs are in the city. Additionally, there is currency exchange/ATMs at Chengdu airport, and we will use it on the arrival date.

Q:How about traveler's checks?
A:No, they're not popular here.

Q:What's the tour guide to visitor ratio?

Q:Are masks required?
A:No, they're not. We will have them prepared during the trip. You can always use them in crowded places.

Q:Can you tell us about a custom tour?
A:We tailor-make your trip to see pandas or China. We quote the details based on the number of travelers, length of travel date, and your preferences.

Q:Do hotels allow CPAP for sleep apnea?
A:Yes, they allow using CPAP.

Q:Are you allowed to take photos of pandas together?
A:No, it's not allowed. It's okay to take photos of pandas from the public tourist area. It's not allowed to sit next to the pandas and take photos together.

Q:Do the hotels have coffee machines in them?
A:City hotels usually offer coffee machines, but those in the countryside don't. We will prepare drip bag coffee in those cases.

Q:How about a visa for someone from Europe? I only know that you have to arrange a visa for each visit to China. Arranging a Visa for 10 years would be wonderful if that's possible for Europe too.
A:ONLY if you are a US citizen. Currently, only US citizens residing in the US can apply for it. Please consult with your travel agent again for more information.

Q:Are there age restrictions for the tour or for panda volunteers?
A:No age restrictions to join the group. The age restriction for joining the panda volunteer program is 6-80. Please keep me informed if you have any questions.

Q:I’ve read that some areas are not accessible for foreigners in Tibetan and Qiang Autonomous prefecture where the Wolong panda base is also located. I assume that I can visit the Wolong panda base without getting problems.
A:Yes, that's correct. This is our classic route for panda fans. It's fine to visit these areas.

Q:What if it is a rainy day? Can you still see the pandas, though?
A:Yes, we can still see the pandas on a rainy day. However, some pandas could stay in indoor enclosures (like Tai Shan; he doesn't like rainy days). Some pandas will remain outdoors in the playground.

Q:Which base can we see baby pandas?
A:We can see the newborns at the Chengdu Panda Base. We can see the 6-month-old panda at the Wolong Panda Base. We can see the 1-year-old panda at Dujiangyan Panda Base and Bifengxia Panda Base.

Q:Do you need a special adaptor to use the electric outlets in the hotel, like for blow dryers, charging phones, etc.?
A:It depends on what types of devices you have. Please find more here.

Q:Can we meet the brown panda, Qi Zai?
A: We offer 3-day extension to visit Qi Zai. Please contact us for more info.

Q:What's your cancellation policy?
A:The guests enjoy 100% refund of any payments made to My Panda Tours prior to 2 weeks before departure. Click here for more information.