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"It doesn’t take long to fall in love with a panda and most become a super fan after listening to all the fun and educational stories. " - Alvin We were recently honored to be featured in That's Magazine. Our founder Alvin talks about panda diplomacy and conservation in the interview. We would love to share it with you :)  If you want to start a conversation with Alvin Liu, just say the word ‘panda.’ When he was working in the commercial aviation industry, Liu took advantage of discounted flight tickets and traveled to Chengdu back in 2012. It was in the province’s capital city where he tried spicy Sichuan cuisine, met his future wife and discovered a passion for the cuddly...

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Letter from Alvin

Dear travelers,During my very first tour, I was exploring the Panda Habitat at night with a couple from Great Britain. We used flashlights to look for owls and muntjac in the woods. During our search, a wild boar ran out from a bush and startled the British couple and I. We all started laughing at ourselves from the unexpected encounter.Traveling is more than visiting another country. It's really about connecting with the locals, understanding the culture, and creating memories. I was able to accommodate people traveling throughout China by providing a travel company.We provide unique travel experiences that other tour companies may not offer. Whether people have dreams to hug a Panda, be a daykeeper, or take an expedition to...

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About us

My Panda Tours is a travel company focused on pandas. We create the best travel experience to explore the beauty of panda country and beyond. We are a group of panda lovers. We are always excited to share our passion. Our team loves to share our personal stories and connections to particular pandas, and the tourists appreciate that unique approach rather than listening to textbook information. Some great stories are inspired by our online community. Also, we always ask our tourists to follow and share their stories through our social media channels to grow and add not only to My Panda Tours, but the collective panda community. We often update our feeds with news, along with hosting fun events for...

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