Letter from Alvin

Dear travelers,

During my very first tour, I was exploring the Panda Habitat at night with a couple from Great Britain. We used flashlights to look for owls and muntjac in the woods. During our search, a wild boar ran out from a bush and startled the British couple and I. We all started laughing at ourselves from the unexpected encounter.

Traveling is more than visiting another country. It's really about connecting with the locals, understanding the culture, and creating memories. I was able to accommodate people traveling throughout China by providing a travel company.

We provide unique travel experiences that other tour companies may not offer. Whether people have dreams to hug a Panda, be a daykeeper, or take an expedition to the Tibetan region to see the great wonders, we can make it happen.

China is a vast country and full of wonders. I want to invite you to join the adventure with us, share stories together, laugh together, and bring home something meaningful.

See you soon,
Alvin Shun Liu


Alvin with the panda
My Panda Tours Team