Panda QA

1.Can I touch the pandas?
No, you can’t.

2.I saw some pictures of people holding the pandas on Internet. Is it possible?
No, the panda photo program has been suspended since 2018. Panda volunteering is the only way to stay up-close to the pandas. Contact us for info :)

3.Can I skip the chore to watch the keepers feed the pandas ONLY?
Yes, you can just watch the keepers feed the pandas ONLY. Please inform us before the tour.

6.Can I skip the afternoon program? I don’t want to watch a documentary video?
Yes, it’s okay to skip the video watching in the afternoon. You can walk around to see more pandas. You can leave early if there is no other traveler in the group.

7. What to eat for lunch? What if I’m vegetarian, vegan, or have food allergies?
It’s a buffet style lunch in the cafeteria where keepers eat together. They usually serve vegetarian dishes, meat dishes (pork and chicken), fruit, rice and soup. We can arrange to eat somewhere else based on your dietary requirements.

8.What’s the difference between Wolong /Dujiangyan/Bifengxia Panda Base?

a. Wolong Panda Base(中华大熊猫苑), a panda base was built after 2008 earthquake. It’s located in Shenshuping of Gengda Town which is about 2 hrs drive from Chengdu city. The panda base serves the purpose of breeding and reintroducing the pandas to the wild. The scenery of the Panda base are stunning thanks to the Wolong Nature Reserve. There are about 60 pandas living in the base. The altitude of the base(1200m) is higher than the city, so the temperature is cooler here. It is a great destination for summer escape. Also it’s a home of many celebrity pandas whom born oversea, like Bao Bao and Tai Shan from Washington D.C. 

b.Dujiangyan Panda Base (都江堰熊猫乐园), one of the most popular panda base since it’s close to Chengdu city (1.5hr drive). The Panda base was built in 2014. It is dedicated to the study of disease control and rescue of wild pandas. There are about 45 pandas reside in the base.

c.Bifengxia Panda Base(碧峰峡熊猫基地), it was built in 2003 which makes the best vegetation with clean air and water. It serves the purpose of breeding and nursing. It’s about 2hrs drive from Chengdu city. 

9.What panda base is the best for panda volunteering?
Most of the travelers love Wolong! 

10.Can I volunteer multiple days for pandas? Is it cheaper?
Yes, you can volunteer as many days as you want. The panda bases collect the same fee per day.

11.What’s the age limit?
5-70 years old