Absolutely Must Do when you are in Chengdu!!

Panda lovers must visit Wolong Panda Base! I joined the volunteer tour alone and was guided by Sunny who is the same age as my sister. She is very friendly and I had fun chatting with her while the tour.

At the panda base, I really enjoyed cleaning the giant panda’s house, feeding the panda, and seeing the adorable pandas! Especially the twins with their mother and the 1 year old pandas living together is what I was dreaming to see in my life. I love that the place was less touristy and you don’t need to squish others to see the pandas.

If you are visiting Chengdu, I think Wolong panda base is the best place to visit and if you have a chance, you should join the volunteer program too. You will never get a chance to feed panda in your country I guess! Also you can get a very nice volunteer certificate after completing the program.

If I had a chance to come back to Chengdu, I will definitely join this tour again.

Thank you very much My Panda Tour.

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