Villagers Helped A Wild Panda Return Home

Song Xingwen, a villager in Goshan Village, Baoxing County in Sichuan Province, found a wild giant panda around his pigpen. It’s his first time seeing a wild panda, and nobody knows what to do with the panda. Villagers are all worried about this panda, and they are not sure if the panda is healthy.

What everyone did not expect was that the giant panda quickly ran up to a 25-meter-high tree. While staring at the panda on the tree, they contacted the Forestry Bureau. The villagers were worried that the branches could not bear the weight of the panda, and the panda would break the branches and be injured by falling from the tree. Everyone is thinking of a way to prevent the panda from falling from the tree. Someone suggested that the villagers go home and bring out all the ropes and bedding at home.

So everyone started to make a safety net for the panda under the tree, using bamboo as a support point, weaving the rope into a net, and then spreading the cotton wool, bed sheets, and mats on the net. If the panda falls from the tree, it will fall on the net and won’t hurt. More and more villagers joined in, and everyone cares about panda.

A staff of Forestry Bureau told villagers the panda will not fall from the tree and he suggested that the villagers remove the net. Staff of  Forestry Bureau arranged for the villagers to stay away from the tree, or the panda would stay on the tree and would not come down if he saw the crowd surrounded by the tree. After that, the wild panda got off the tree and ran to the bamboo forest, and soon disappeared.