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Local Service in China

Airport Transfer
We provide the private transportation with Chinese speaking driver. (no tour guide)
RMB250 for 5-seat car per trip
RMB300 for 7-seat car per trip


Sichuan Face-Changing Opera Show

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Sichuan opera show is considered one of the highlight of Chengdu city. It features the mask-changing and fire-spitting tricks, it has won its popularity and fame across China. The show starts by 8:00 pm everyday. It usually lasts for about 80 minutes. It’s suggested to arrive there by 7:30 pm. Please ask us to arrange the program. If you’ve chosen VIP seating,  please enjoy a chair massage or get your ears cleaned (a traditional teahouse service) before the show. Some travelers want to take the opportunity dress up in an opera costume and makeup for a photo before the show.( The makeup will cost additional RMB220/pp)


Popular Souvenirs  

Panda Poo Tissue
The tissue paper is produced with panda dung as well as waste bamboo leaves. The faeces come from pandas living in panda bases of Sichuan province. The panda droppings would be selected, steamed and sterilised by workers who would then take natural fibre out of them to make the paper. Pandas are actually poorly adapted for digesting bamboo, their droppings mainly consist of broken bamboo leaves. In addition, as pandas won't eat all the bamboo leaves provided to them, each panda in the centre would generate some 50 kilograms of waste bamboo leaves every day. Both the panda dung and waste bamboo are now used to make tissue paper. The cost is CNY80/box, 100 sheets per box. Let us know if you are interested in buying the souvenirs.

Popular Activities in Chengdu

Chengdu Hotpot Dinner
Hotpot is a must-eat for anyone visiting Chengdu and it is an essential part of eating for anyone living or staying in Chengdu. Getting what you want, however (especially for those who don’t read Chinese) can be a challenge for anyone new to the scene. We offer an extension hotpot tour by joining the day-tour with us. The additional fees will apply. Please give us ample notice prior to your departure.
Tour duration: 17:00PM to 19:30PM
Cost of the extension tour: RMB100/pp.
Half-day Cooking Class in Sichuan Cuisine Museum
A cooking class is organized by Sichuan Cuisine Museum. The program is involved with local food tasting (unlimited), sightseeing for cultural relics, and cook your own Sichuan cuisine.(3 dishes) The ingredients will be prepared. The lunch is served with the food you made, wine, baijiu (Chinese liquor), fruits.
Tour duration: 08:00AM to 2:00PM
Cost of the cooking class: RMB360/pp (the tour guide and transportation is excluded)
Chinese Tea Tasting and Traditional Art Class
The program is host in a special Chinese style art house in Chengdu. The program includes Chinese tea tasting, Chinese calligraphy and painting, and learn to play "Gu Qin" (the oldest musical instrument in the world). The travelers will sample some famous and high-quality teas. The tea will be brewed in “Gong Fu Cha” method using unique teapots and teacups. The travelers will sample different teas to find out what is their favorite.
Tour duration: 14:00PM to 17:00PM
Cost of the program: RMB360/pp (the tour guide and transportation is excluded)
Chinese Panda Painting Class
Take your appreciation of Chinese painting to a deeper lever as you learn the skills and techniques of traditional ink. You'll broaden the realms of your creativity and gain a deeper insight into Chinese culture under the tutelage of a talented artist.  You'll be guided through experimenting with Chinese paintbrushes, rice paper and collage, and introduced to typical Chinese painting themes such as panda, bamboo..It’s a casual and cozy environment, so you'll feel comfortable letting your creativity run loose!
Tour duration: 9:00PM to 11:30PM, 14:00pm-16:30pm
Cost of the program: RMB150/pp (the tour guide and transportation is excluded)


Panda cub volunteering 
1-day Panda Cub Volunteering in Wolong Panda Base
A rare opportunity to pet the panda cubs. The volunteers have an opportunity to feed the milk, pet them, watch them play and roll around. The volunteers feed the cubs twice a day. The volunteers feed them without the cage. The photo is not allowed during the cub feeding session.
Cost of the program: RMB3000/pp (the tour guide and transportation is excluded) 
Mutianyu Graet Wall and The Summer Palace Day Tour from Beijing
Get an in-depth look at Beijing’s highlights and hidden sights on this guided hiking tour. Visit these two magnificent and historical attractions and discover more about the Bejing capital’s history than you would if you were exploring individually.This day trip lets you conquer 'Beijing’s must-see sights in a day.


The Terracotta Army and Ancient Wall Private Day Tour 
The Terracotta Army, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is the Xian’s most famed attraction, with thousands of life-sized statues, which includes warriors, chariots and horses. After a morning visit to see the great historical site, visit Xi’an City Wall, which represents one of the oldest, largest and best preserved Chinese city walls. Enjoy the tour with a private guide. 
Food Tour at Xi'an Muslim Quarter
Explore Xi’an‘s relatively large Muslim enclave for their food culture,  Xi'an Muslim Quarter, on this tasting tour. Follow your guide to learn about the history of Xi’an through food samples at eateries.