Popular Restaurants in Chengdu

Western Restaurant

Mike’s Pizza (consumptio: $13/pp)
Located in the busy neighborhood of Tongzilin, this little pizzeria makes delicious thin and thick crust pizzas with over 30 toppings and fresh homemade sides including garlic knots, mozzarella sticks and buffalo wings. Add that to a front row view of handmade pizza dough being skilfully tossed in the air by Mike himself and you have the best pizzeria in town.

Good Good Mexican Grill (consumptio: $5/pp)

Good Good is a four person partnership between Andy, John, Jonas and Igor. The restaurant is located at 61 TangBa Street, near Lankwai Fong in Chengdu. The idea of Good Good was first brought up during the four boys' weekly barbecues, who were used to a steady diet of Chipotle. It's a few options for Mexican and any other ones who are interested in Mexican food at Chengdu.

Iron Pig (consumptio: $16/pp)
This rustic themed restaurant is a utopia for anyone who loves classic American smoked barbecue. Their extensive menu features a large collection of wines, beers and everything BBQ, from smoked ribs, pulled pork and beef brisket to potato salad, cornbread, biscuits and ranch beans and 6 different types of homemade BBQ sauce to compliment your meal.

Sichuan Dishes

Xuan Xuan Xiao Yuan (consumptio: $16/pp)
Xuan Xuan XIao Yuan serves Sichuan cuisine in the Rong tradition. The restaurant is in one of the most touristic magnets of Chengdu. The network of narrow alleys in Kuanzhai Alley have old houses that have been transformed into boutiques, souvenir shops, cafes, and restaurants. Xuan Xuan Xiao Yuan is just one of many. But, to aficionados, the restaurant represents a link to a great tradition and repository of Chengdu Sichuan cuisine that travels back more than a hundred years.

Recommend dishes: Twice Cooked Pork and Dan Dan Noodles

Mawangzi (consumptio: $16/pp)
Located in the most luxuriant commerce center Taikooli, the restaurant always attracts locals and tourists. You are not suggested to have lunch/dinner at weekends or on holidays. Or you will take a lot of time queuing. It’s a modern designed restaurant with a variety of Sichuan dishes and snacks.

Xue Tao’s Restaurant (consumptio: $24/pp)
Xue Tao was one of the most famous women poets of Tang poetry. The restaurant is named after her. With the features of classical Chinese restaurant design, Xue Tao’s Restaurant provides a peaceful and pleasing place for the customers. Apart from the classical Sichuan dishes, the most recommendatory dishes are freshwater fishes.

Chen’s Mapo Tofu (consumptio: $11/pp)
Chen’s Mapo Tofu was once a tiny little hole in the wall across from People’s Park, but the Tofu dish - laced with red chili peppers and ground pork - was so delicious that the shop exploded and became rich. Enter the government. They bought it out, and made it into a franchise, with the best location right around Chunxi Lu. The food here is authentic Sichuan cuisine - both spicy and savory - served up to locals and outsiders alike. Not a single dish will disappoint. You should try and order as many plates as you can handle, including of course the namesake dish, Mapo Tofu.

Ye Popo (consumptio: $8/pp)
The most famous dishes of Ye Popo is Bo Bo Chicken, a kind of cold dish in Sichuan. Popo means Grandmother, and the founder Ye Popo is actual from Leshan, and she opened the first restaurant in Leshan. Ye Popo has gained popularity among the people in Sichuan, and the family of Ye opened several restaurants at Chengdu. Recommended dishes: Chinese stuffed pancake, Bo Bo chicken, and fried rice with egg.



Long Sen Yuan(consumptio: $20/pp)
located in the tourist spot, Long Sen Yuan is a nice, authentic and local hotpot restaurant. With the English menu and English speaking waiter/waitress, it is much easier to order and cook. The staff is delight to help the customer tailor the meal to their tastes. It is also a great hotpot restaurant to take your children, as the kid’s corner is available here.

Da Long Yi (consumptio: $14/pp)
The authentic old Sichuan hot pot of fire all over the country, the ingredients are fresh, spicy, and enjoyable, and the service details are also in place.

Ba Shu Da Zhai Men (consumptio: $14/pp)
Spicy ant not dry hot pot, the more you eat the more fragrant, eat the previous fried pork, after eating a bowl of brown sugar, you can eat more! The restaurant offers English menu.

Lao Ma Tou (consumptio: $16/pp)
High-end Sichuan-style hot pot restaurant, the environment is luxurious and the service is good, the taste is too light, suitable for friends who can not eat spicy.

Qing Nian Hotpot(consumptio: $26/pp)
A very local hotpot restaurant. Many natives prefer to meet with their friends at Qing Nian Hotpot. The restaurant is also a good place to try the classical snacks of Chengdu, especially after having the spicy food.