Dai Li, A Strong Giant Panda With Three Legs

Dai Li is the first giant panda in the world to undergo amputation, and he is living a happy life with his three legs at Dujiangyan Panda Park. His favorite fruit is apple.

When Dai Li was found by two local villagers in 2001 (only 2 years old then), the leg had been purulent due to bites of other animals. Veterinarians then made a successful amputation on the leg. After a period of recovery, Dai Li is now able to walk normally with his three legs. Dai Li is a very strong male panda, and he does morning exercise for everyday. It is a piece of cake for him to climb trees with only 3 legs.

Dai Li went through the difficulty when he was only two years old, and was able to face life positively after amputation. He must have spared no effort to overcome hardships. He is such a hero. None of us knows if Dai Li ever had the thought of giving up, but he eventually overcome all the difficulties, both physical and psychological. His keepers take a good care of him, and Dai Li inspirers his nannies all the time.