5 Must-see Spots with Pandas in Chengdu

1. Panda Post
To make the city known to more outsiders through the giant panda, the Chengdu Post Office launched the first Panda Post on Shaocheng Road. The Post is unlike ordinary post offices because images of the giant panda are ubiquitous. They are on stamps, postcards and souvenirs. Now, it is available to visit 4 Panda Posts in Chengdu:
a.Flagship store of Panda Post, Address: 43 Shaocheng Road
b.Branch of Panda Post, Address: Jinli Ancient Street, Qingyang District, Chengdu
c.Branch of Panda Post, Address: Chengdu Research Base of Giant Panda Breeding 
d.Branch of Panda Post, Address: 25 North Shuwajie Street, Jinjiang District

2. “I’m Here” Panda Sculpture
A climbing giant panda hanging on the wall of Chengdu International Finance Square(IFS). The gigantic panda sculpture is named as "I am Here", which weighs 13 tons with a height of 15 meters. Go take the lift to the top and take a look at the face of this Giant Panda!
Address: Section 3 Hongxing Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

3. Panda Bus
A bus decorated to look like a panda is available on Chunxi Road, a pedestrianized shopping street in Chengdu downtown. The bus is actually a functional shuttle, transporting tourists between various attractions in the city. In addition to the bus itself, shuttle drivers also wear panda costumes.
Address: Section 3 Hongxing Road, Jinjiang District, Chengdu

4. Panda Express
The so-called 'Panda Express', in south-west China's Chengdu city, has panda-inspired seat panels and handles as well as pictures of the bears on the wall. The train picks up passengers for Metro Line 3. There are more panda paintings on the platform if you drop at Panda Avenue station from Metro Line 3.
Address: Metro Line 3

5.Chengdu International Panda Lantern Festival
The festival’s held in every year during Chinese Spring Festival, which attracts lots of locals. Panda-themed lanterns made with over 10,000 penicillin bottles and porcelain wares are exhibited during the Chengdu International Panda Lantern Festival. You won’t miss the Chengdu street food while see the panda lanterns.
Address: Sansheng Flower Town, Jinjiang District, Chengdu