Panda QA

1.Can I touch the pandas?
No, you can’t touch the pandas during the program.

2.I saw some pictures of people holding the pandas on Internet. Is it possible?
No, the panda photo program has been suspended since 2018. The Panda cub feeding program is the only way to hold a panda. Contact us for for info :)

3.How long is the panda feeding session?
It usually last from 30 seconds to 1 minute in Dujiangyan Panda Base. It last longer in Wolong Panda Base. The volunteers usually get more treats to feed the pandas in Wolong.

4.Can I take a picture with the pandas?
Yes, the tour guide/staff will help you to take the pictures while panda feeding session. (with your own device)

5.Can I skip the chore to feed the pandas ONLY?
Yes, you can feed the pandas ONLY. Please inform us before the tour.

6.Can I skip the afternoon program? I don’t want to watch a documentary video?
Yes, it’s okay to skip the video in the afternoon. You can walk around to see more pandas. You can leave early if there is no other traveler in the group.

7. What to eat for lunch? What if I’m vegetarian, vegan, or have food allergies?
It’s a buffet style lunch in the cafeteria where keepers eat together. They usually serve vegetarian dishes, meat dishes (pork and chicken), fruit, rice and soup. We can arrange to eat somewhere else based on your dietary requirements.

8.What’s the difference between Wolong and Dujiangyan Panda Base?
DJY is closer to Chengdu city with less panda feeding time. (1.5 hrs drive/each way)
Wolong is further with more panda feeding time. (2 hrs drive/each way)

9.What panda base is the best for panda volunteering?
Most of the travelers love Wolong!

10.Can I volunteer multiple days for pandas? Is it cheaper?
Yes, you can volunteer as many days as you want. The panda bases collect the same fee RMB700 (USD100) per day. Contact us if you want to volunteer for more than a month. We can check again if there is new policy.

11.What’s the age limit?
DJY: 10-70 years old
Wolong: 6-80 years old