The Most Popular Attraction Sites of Sichuan

1.Chengdu Panda Base, with more than 150 Pandas reside here (Half-day)

2.Dujianyan Panda Base, where you can do the Panda holding and volunteering. (Half-day)

3.Leshan Giant Buddha, the largest Buddha statue in the world. UNESCO World Heritage Site.  (Half-day)

4.Mt. Qingcheng , is one of the places where Taoism originated and also a renowned Taoist mountain. UNESCO World Heritage Site.  (Half-day)

5.Dujianyan Irrigation, the oldest and only surviving no-dam irrigation system in the world. UNESCO World Heritage Site (Half-day)

6.Sanxingdui Museum, an important site of Shu culture(old name of Sichuan). With tons of treasure like bronze tree with birds, flowers, and ornaments (396 cm), and dozens of large bronze masks and heads with at least six with gold foil masks originally attached. (Half-day)

7.Baoguang Temple, with the largest Qing-era Arhat Hall in China, containing 500 two meter high clay figurines of Arhats. (3hrs)

8.Jiuzhaigou Nature Reserve


10.Tangjiahe Nature reserve

11.Bifengxia Panda Base

12.Mt Emei

13.Wolong Panda Base