The Friendship Between A Man And Wild Giant Pandas

Yong Yange, a well-known panda expert who was studying wildlife in Qinling, found male pandas fighting for mating with a female panda. After that, the team of Yong tracked and made records for a newborn panda cub, Qin Ya and her mother Chun Tian.

In the past 30 years, Yong has reached every corner of the Foping Nature Reserve for many times. Yong always lives in a small tent and has some food without nutrition, following pandas in the forest day and night.

Yong has made breakthroughs in the research of wild giant panda cub by spending time with wild giant pandas. The photo of Qin Ya lying in her mother’s arms, which he took, has also becomes famous, and it has been reported all over the world, which has attracted many people’s attention to protect pandas. Yong hopes that all this he has done will make Qin Ya and other pandas live a better life.