About us

My Panda Tours is a travel company dedicated to pandas. We specialize in creating exceptional travel experiences that allow you to explore the breathtaking beauty of panda country and beyond. As a group of devoted panda enthusiasts, we are always thrilled to share our passion with others. Our team takes delight in recounting personal stories and connections to specific pandas, providing a unique approach that goes beyond textbook information. Many of these captivating stories are inspired by our vibrant online community. 

Furthermore, we actively encourage our tourists to follow us on social media and share their own experiences, as this contributes not only to My Panda Tours but also to the wider panda community. Our social media channels are regularly updated with the latest news, and we frequently host enjoyable events for our followers. Recently, we organized a lively birthday party on Facebook Live to celebrate the American-born panda Tai Shan. Our tourists greatly appreciate these live feeds, even after they have returned home, as they allow them to relive cherished memories and once again be captivated by the pandas' presence.

WWF and our team in the panda's habitat
Our team with Cats in the panda's habitat. Read what people say about our team
We celebrate the Birthday for giant panda"Bao Bao". Watch the full video here on Facebook.